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Frequently asked questions
1. How can I book a yacht.
Scan 'our fleet' to find out about our boats and prices. Then go to 'Search and Book' in the main menu, select the boat and date of your choice, click the pricetag and fill out the booking form. Immediately upon receiving the form we will send you a confirmation email that you have to reply to, to complete your booking. Within 24 hours you receive all information and documents concerned.
2. Sailing area.
You sail on the IJsselmeer, the Markermeer and the Waddenzee. The coastal waters may be sailed to up to 10nM of the coast. The boats with limited draft can also sail the numerous Friesland lakes. With the Koopmans 47.5 you are allowed to navigate the North Sea. The Waddenzee is a complex estuary, with shallows and strong currents. You need our explicit permission, depending upon your experience, to negotiate the waters of the Waddenzee. Andijk is at the hart of the IJsselmeer, in between the 'dedicated to sailing' cities of Enkhuizen and Medemblik, the latter with the international regattacentrum the host of many worldchampionchips. The ability to daysail from harbour to harbour makes the IJsselmeer to a sailor's paradise. The IJsselmeer and Markermeer have a total area of 1800 sqkm and stretch North-South over ca 45nM, sheltered but windy waters. Prevailing winds are SouthWest.
3. Sailing qualifications.
You need to have three years of experience with a cruiser yacht of comparable size of the yacht you apply for. Or one of the following certificates: CWOIII, RYA Coastal Skipper or RYA Yachtmaster.
4. Minimum age.
You must be 23 or over.
5. Travel insurance, deposit/annulation insurance.
We offer you a to take out a policy for the insurance of your holiday. It will cover for travel, storm, ice, annulation and deposit.
6. Deposit and own risk.
All boats are extensively ensured. You have to make a deposit equal to the own risk of the insurance. The deposit must be paid for before commencement of the charter period in cash or have been transferred to our bankaccount. We offer you a to take out a policy for the insurance of the deposit. This will limit your risk to 15% of the deposit.
7. Pets.
Pets are not allowed on board.
8. Bed clothes.
Pillows (without cover) are on board. It possible to rent Bed linen, lower sheet, duvet cover (costs € 15).
9. Yachtharbour carpark.
There's a large free carpark or you park your car in the confined space of the 'boathal' for about €3.40 per day or €15.50 per week (prices 2012).
10. Accepting the yacht.
When you arrive in the harbour, you go to our office, located on the west side of the harbour building (Nieuwe Haven 5) for the necessary paperwork, identification and the deposit. Then you inspect the boats inventory and run through the checklist. After this we will explain the in's and out's of the yacht to you. Diesel- and watertank will be filled up and there's a ready to use- and a spare gas canister.
11. Returning the yacht.
The yacht must be returned with the dieseltank and watertank filled up. We expect the ship back yust as clean as she was presented to you. (you can opt to leave the cleaning to us, see the booking form).
12. The facilities in the Andijk yachtharbour.
Andijk yachtharbour is a modern harbour with excellent bathroom facilities, a restaurant, chandler, brooker, ships carpenter and a yachtservice company. There's a large free carpark and there are buggies available to transport your luggage. The harbourmaster runs a free of charge bike rental, there are several supermarkets in Andijk and the neighbouring village of Wervershoof and you find a tropical swimmingpool in the nearby (5 minute walk) holiday resort 'Het Grootslag'.
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