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Rental conditions Andijk Yacht Charter.
1 Reservation
1.1 Andijk Jacht Verhuur, hereafter referred to as 'AJV', will send the charterer the rental contract per e-mail . The rental contract should be completed, signed and returned to AJV within 5 days after receiption, with a copy of the passport and, when asked for, a copy of the sailing license of the charterer.
1.2 Upon receipt of the rental contract by the charterer, 50% of the total rental sum should be transferred to the bankaccount of AJV within 5 days. The remaining sum must be transferred at least 4 weeks before the start of the rental period.
1.3 By booking less than 4 weeks before the beginning of the rental periode, the total rental sum must be payed for (within 5 days ??) immediately upon receipt of the rental contract by the charterer.
1.4 The deposit is not included in the rental charge and must be paid at the start of the rental period in cash, or should be transferred to the bank account of AJV prior to the rental periode.

2 Withdrawal of the rental contract
AJV has the right to cancel the rental contract with immediate effect, and without restitution of the rental charges, when, to theire opinion, the charterer has an inadequate level of sailing competence or navigational knowledge.

3 Boat handover
3.1 AJV ensures that the boat is in good technical condition, supplied with the usual equipment, the necessary life-saving resources and with an adequate inventory at the commencement of the rental period. Our equipment and yachts are comprehensively insured. Our policy provides full cover for equipment and yacht, and a statuory third party cover.
3.2 The charterer must show the lessor an legal identity document (passport or drivers license will do).
3.3 Before the beginning of the rental period, the lessor should inform the charterer about, and put in writing, any damage and/or defects incurred before the commencement of the rental period.
3.4 Before acceptance of the boat, the charterer must inspect the inventory and run through the checklist and, when satisfied, sign the checklist. Any damage must be recorded and reported directly. Defects which have not been listed will be considered to have occurred after the handover of the boat to the charterer, unless AJV finds it reasonable for it to have been overlooked.

4 Returning the boat
4.1 At the end of the rental period, the charterer must return the boat with water- and fueltanks filled up.
4.2 At the end of the rental period the boat should be returned in a timely manner to the homeport, in the same condition as it was at the start of the rental period with the exception of normal wear and tear
4.3 Should the charterer leave the boat in a place other than the homeport, then the cost for transport and costs that may sustain due to the delay are at the expense of the charterer.
4.4 The charterer must report any damage that occured during the rental period to the lessor. The costs of the damage will be retained from the deposit.
4.5 Any materials lost during the rental period must be compensated for by the charterer.
4.6 The boat is transferred back to the lessor after inspection of the inventory and verification of the checklist by the latter.

5 Damage or breakdown
5.1 The charterer must inform the lessor as soon as possible in case of malfunction, theft, loss or otherwise, or any damage to the boat, including its fixtures, fittings and inventory. The charterer must obey the lessor's instructions.
5.2 The charterer should make it possible for AJV and the insurance company to survey the boat for insurance purposes.
5.3 In case of damage, breakdown, or otherwise, not caused by of wear and tear, the charterer is held responsible for the consequential damage, that is to say; cost of salvage, rescue- and towing service. Any claims are for account of the charterer. It is in the charterer's best interest to take extreme care when accepting help.
5.4. If repairs are necessary, as a consequence of damage caused by wear and/or insufficient maintenance, and the repairs take more than 24 hours, the charterer then afterwards has the right to claim a proportional part of the rental charges for the period that he was not able to sail the boat.

6 General
6.1 It is not permitted for the charterer, without the written permission of AJV:
- To have more crew members on board than stated on the reservation form,
- To take part in a contest,
- To have pets on board,
- To make any changes to the boat or its equipment;
- To sail in, or by forecast of, bad weather conditions. Sailing on the IJsselmeer is permitted to 6 Beaufort at the maximum, - Sailing the Waddenzee is permitted to 5 Beaufort at the maximum,
- To sail at night,
- To sublet to others or leave the boat for the use of others,
- To conduct telephone conversations via the marine telephone,
- To tow other boats.
6.2 Expenses that are directly related to the use of the boat, such as port-, bridge-, quay-, lock fees, and harbour charges, as well as costs for fuel, are at the expense of the charterer.
6.3 The implicit cost for normal maintenance and repair, tugging and salvage arising from mechanical failure shall be borne by the lessor. If these costs exceed an ammount of Euro 115, AJV must first be contacted in order to solicit permission prior to commencement of proceedings, unless this is impossible under the circumstances.
A detailed invoice, specifying labour and materials, should be presented before reimbursement for costs is made.
The charterer must bring back any parts that have been replaced where possible.
6.4. The charterer shall take good care of the boat and equipment and will be committed to be 'a good skipper' and to observe and comply with the sailing regulations.

7 Cancellation
7.1 Charges for cancellation:
- Up to 12 weeks before the beginning of the rental period: 25% from the total rental sum,
- From 12 to 6 weeks before the beginning of the renatl period: 50% of the total rental sum,
- From 6 weeks to 1 day before the beginning of the rental period: 95% of the total rental sum,
- At the commencement date and thereafter: 100% of the total rental sum.

8 Complaints
8.1 Complaints, concerning the matter of operation of the lessor and complaints concerning the technical state, inventory and/of the equipment of the boat, should be reported directly tot the lessor. Complaints must be submitted to the lesser within 24 hours after observation.
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